Some patches to fix or enhance Irrlicht version 1.1

Irrlicht is an open-source 3D engine. This web page provides a number of patches which allow to easily change the source code of Irrlicht. If there are reasons to revert these changes, it is usually possible by reverse application of the patch. Thus, new features can be safely applied and tested.

What is a patch ?

Please do yourself and me a favor and read the information found on this introductory page if you never applied patches before. Especially when using Windows as there are some peculiarities (of course ;-)

Origins of the patches

Some of the changes have been extracted from the latest release of Irrlicht-Spintz which contains some brilliant improvements and some of the bug fixes posted in the Irrlicht forums. Irrlicht forum thread

Some of the larger patches were developed by myself. Previous versions were also posted to the forums or send directly to Niko. I removed the stuff which is now part of Irrlicht 1.0 such that all patches should work again.

The patches

Here are the patch files and a short description for each of them. I reordered them, mainly based on their effects.

For patches concerning mesh file formats or image file formats please visit the File Format patch page.

Bug fixes

Feature enhancements

Feature enhancements with additional files (Add to your Project/Makefile!)



Currently not working patches

Removed patches

Older patches are found for Irrlicht 1.0, Irrlicht 0.14, Irrlicht 0.12, Irrlicht 0.11, and Irrlicht 0.10. I have some other patches related to projects using Irrlicht as well. Try MyWorld.26 Patch or MyWorld.66 Patch for Irrlicht+ODE project by Lofing making it compilable again (at least for me with Linux/gcc3). Latest version works without changes (Irrlicht forum thread)! The 3D editor by lantis needs a patch to work with Linux. Acki made a ragdoll implementation for Irrlicht, here are the patch files. Irrlicht forum thread
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